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Gail Henry School of Dance



All of our classes offer Disco Freestyle, Street, Lyrical and Rock ‘n’ Roll style dance. 


Classes continually offer newly choreographed routines keeping it fun and enjoyable.


The lower grades are taught fun repeatable routines, whilst the higher grades learn different tempos and styles within their routines to create a versatile dancer.

Our classes instil good technique, stamina and a sense of performance.

meet the team

Gail Henry


L.I.S.T.D / C.D.E

Gail is the principle and owner of GH Dance. She teaches at a number of our venues. She is a licentiate teacher for the ISTD and has a certificate in dance education. 

Gail regularly adjudicates for the ISTD and is involved in professional teacher training. She also lectures for the ISTD dance sport congress for the DFR faculty.  

Gail also delivers and promotes the Disco Ducks pre-school dance syllabus. She also trains our competition squad on a Saturday.

Amy Ogilvie

L.I.S.T.D / F.D.I

Amy has been teaching for GH Dance since 2002. She successfully runs classes at a number of our venues. Amy has experience in teaching many different styles and is always furthering her dance knowledge by taking teacher exams and attending dance workshops. 

Amy is also one of our choreographers and trainers for our competition squad. 

She also delivers the pre-school  dance syllabus.

Katy Lark


Katy started as a pupil at GH Dance and was a senior competitor for the competition squad. She then went on to study full time professional dance at Bodywork studios where she trained in multiple dance styles and gained her level 6 diploma. Katy now teachers at a number of our venues and is a choreographer and trainer for our competition squad. Katy also works as a qualified personal trainer.

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